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On Sunday night, April 29th, Carter Koles and Jan/Tom Hamilton met at the walleye pond about 9:00 PM, and waited until total darkness before attempting to collect small eyeball & wiggle walleye for the DNR to take to MSU for VHS testing.  Good news going into the pond was plenty of zooplankton in spite of erratic spring weather.  Walleye were noticed immediately as the light attracted the zooplankton.  Historically this turned out to be the fastest collection we've ever made.  It took 15-minutes to hand up the first bucket to take back for processing.  Carter returned and said bucket #2 may not be needed.

The collected walleye (60+) were sorted into 5 fish per small zip lock envelopes, and 12 envelopes placed into larger zip bag with MCWA notations placed into the freezer for DNR pickup Monday.  Bucket #1 was so good we took the liberty to add baker dozen bag 13.  We then repeated the process to generate a full VHS collection #2 as bonus for the MSU lab technician with two collections.  This may not have been needed, but it gave the lab extra samples to cover any goofs or false positive results like we experienced in 2010.  Note both samples came from bucket #1 with extra unneeded swimmers.  Thus, Carter was able to place all excess fish back into bucket #2 for restocking back into the pond.

On May 13th, Tom Hamilton was able to sample the pond.  The fish are 21 mm long.  The amount of food is still enormous.  With that kind of food that is available, the fish should grow at about 1mm per day.

Light on the water attract the Fry

Tom Hamilton sorts.

Carter Koles and Tom Hamilton sort.

Board monitoring the pond on May 5th

Inspecting the healthy Fry

21 mm on May 13th

21 mm on May 13th


“Making Mason County A Fisherman’s Paradise”