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Walleye Association Foundation

The Mason County Walleye Association Foundation is part of the Community Foundation of Mason County.  Both the Community Foundation (comprised of local foundations as well as itself) and the Walleye Foundation are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as Charitable Organizations under 501(c)(3) of the IRS Tax Code.

Community Foundation

The Community Foundation is a special foundation set up by the State to enable communities in the state to financially support organizations that have a special interest to their community, such as public safety, community service, education and scholarships, parks, etc. and allow it to receive charitable contributions in order to do this.  The Walleye Association being a part of the Community Foundation gives it the credibility to be a charitable organization and have its funds managed professionally under the direction of the Community Foundation.


The Walleye Association has never had a problem finding volunteers to run the operation of the rearing pond.  Volunteers respond very well to this sort of project.  Our higher concern is being able to fund the organization for as long as it is needed. 


Conversations we have had with people from the Department of Natural Resources advise us that the DNR will want our facilities (to be operating) well into the future, i.e. in perpetuity.  Basically, for as long as fishermen want to catch fish.  We supply them Walleye fingerlings over and above what they can raise in their own facilities.  We therefore help them to maintain a Walleye stocking program. 

Walleye Fry

Recently, we have provided them with about half of their needs for the North-West part of the state.  Their providing us with Walleye fry is relatively inexpensive for them since they have large state-owned facilities to do this. 

Rearing the fry to fingerlings

The expensive and hard part is raising them in a separate rearing pond, monitoring the biological status and making changes that are required as the fry grow to fingerlings, and then harvest the fish and when the season is over, to maintain and prepare the facilities for next year.  This is the part we do and we do it very well.  Conversations we have had with the DNR in the past tell us that a 20% survival through the rearing process (from fry to fingerlings) is what is expected as an overall average.  We have averaged twice that for the last 25 years. 

Cooperation with DNR

Our relationship with the DNR is very good.  We help them meet their goals and the expectations people have of them.  We work very well together and have maintained a “win-win” environment.  We expect this relationship to continue.

Benefits To Local Economy

For someone considering contributing to the Mason County Walleye Association or the Walleye Foundation we offer them the opportunity to make a very significant and long lasting contribution to the community and the people in it.  Good fishing in an outdoor recreational community is much more than catching fish.  It invites visitors into the community.  Their coming brings economic benefit.  Their enjoyment in many cases means they will return.  Local residents and their families naturally benefit from an improved economy but also from the improved recreational opportunities in which they can participate.

Put us in your Will

Legacy bequethments are also a possibility to consider.  Some may not be able to consider making a significant donation because they may need the money in their retirement for medical or other needs.  A legacy contribution may be something to consider when all needs of the individual his/her spouse and the family have been considered and factored in.

“Making Mason County A Fisherman’s Paradise”